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Coolest Witches Pot Cake

I made this Witches Pot Cake for my daughter’s 10th birthday. The theme was Halloween. I made three large spring form cakes. I cut them so that I had six layers. I trimmed the cake to be rounded at the bottom and I cut out some of the center of the cake for the green goo that I will put in.

After I frosted them, I chilled the cake while I made gray, yellow and red marshmallow fondant. I covered the cake with the gray fondant and cut out the handles for the sides of the pot. I used a small egg cookie cutter to make the flames. I used icing to attack the flames and the handles to the cake. I then poured pistachio pudding into the well in the top of the cake( the well is only an inch deep).

I used things that I found at a dollar store to decorate along with the chocolate eyeballs.

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