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Coolest Wonder Pets Flyboat Birthday Cake

The base of this Wonder Pets Flyboat Birthday Cake is a half sheet cake frosted with white buttercream. I achieved the cloud effect by tearing a paper towel in half and spraying the cake with Wilton’s Color Mist. I started at the top of the cake and gradually moved the paper towel down the cake to get the cloud effect.

The flyboat is completely edible. It is made out of rice krispie treats. I made a regular batch of rice krispies and put them in a bowl to achieve a round shape. After they were cool, I shaped it in to the boat shape and covered it with chocolate clay. The sail is made with fondant.

The logo is made by cutting out a blue circle, yellow circle, and red W and put them together with piping gel. This was attached to the sail using piping gel. The mast is made by taking two skewer sticks and wrapping them with fondant. I attached the sail to the mast by using piping gel also.

The wheels are Oreos that have been covered with fondant. The star and circle on the wheels are also fondant. I cut out small fondant circles to represent the lights and attached those with piping gel. The engines are fondant that are attached with toothpicks and piping gel.

The Wonder Pets are made out of fondant. They were molded and put together using toothpicks and piping gel.

The smaller cake is a round 6 inch cake that was used as the smasher cake. I used buttercream to make the logo on the cake. I used a star tip to pipe the logo.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Wonder Pets Flyboat Birthday Cake”

  1. I love your wonder pets cake!! I have been looking for almost 1 1/2 hours online for a cake pan, and have had no success, I am so happy that I found this cake. My son’s 3rd birthday is coming up in Jan. I am going to attempt to make this cake! Thank you so much for posting this cake!

  2. That cake is so awesome. We are doing the Wonderpets theme for our son’s 2nd bday. I have been looking for some ideas to save some money & I think I just found one way. Thanks so much for sharing.


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