Coolest Wonky Cake

I used a cake guide from a book to make this cake, and its the most ambitious thing I have ever tried!

This Wonky cake was for my daughter’s best friend’s 21st birthday and is made out of chocolate cake. You can’t really explain how to make it because its too complicated, but the book was by Lindy Smith. I was a great success, but I haven’t made one since!

5 thoughts on “Coolest Wonky Cake”

  1. The colour scheme on your cake is beautiful. I was looking for a bit of inspiration for my daughters 21st wonky cake, and i think i just found it. So thank you. Beautiful cake, well made. Well done.

  2. If I remember rightly I used 8″, 5″ and 3″
    because you have to cut them down and inwards at an angle, the size difference has to be bigger than normal. Hope this helps

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