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Coolest Wrestling Belt Cake

My nephew loves WWE Wrestling & wanted the Cena belt for his 7th birthday as his cake. I found a lot of beautiful wrestling belt cakes online for ideas, only problem is they always seem to have fondant rubber…I mean frosting.

My whole family hates fondant. I think for a cake like this it would be very easy with fondant but if I were to use it no-one would eat it! So I used buttercream frosting, waited for that to dry & painted the gold dust on top by wetting it a little with water. It was very hard taking the picture & fitting the whole belt in the actual picture being I made it so big. Also I added Silver Dragees where what would have been the diamonds.

Not only did it come out nice but also edible! I just refuse to use fondant. I understand a lot of people love it & I understand why because it is beautiful but for me I just cant see doing all the work & not one person will eat it & I wondered if I can pull it off with frosting & although it is a bit more of a challenge I do want all of the other fondant haters such as myself to know you CAN do a wrestling belt without fondant by using buttercream frosting!

I think it came out cute for my first belt & what matters most is my nephew loved it!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Wrestling Belt Cake”

  1. I am going to be making a wrestling cake for my son in 2 weeks. I love your cake. It came out awesome and I can see why your nephew (and everyone else) loved it. Good job, fellow fondant hater! Yes, although fondant is quite beautiful and makes a cake look nice, it tastes disgusting. No kid would be happy taking a bite out of fondant. Buttercream is an obviously better choice and you did a wonderful job. I hope my cake comes out half as good as yours.

  2. My brother love WWE & when I saw this cake I knew he would love it…HE DOES! I think that was a really good idea to make that it was so inspiring!

  3. Have you ever tried to make your own marshmallow fondant? It is so good and does not taste yucky like the box stuff. I have sold so many cakes to fondant haters with the marshmallow fondant and they loved it! Sometimes you just have to have fondant and it’s beauty, but now you don’t have to compromise the taste if you make your own! Great job on this cake! Looks nice.


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