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Coolest Wrestling Cake Design

I made this Wrestling Cake Design for a friend’s son’s 10th birthday since he was a big wrestling fan. I did a lot of research on-line, looking at every possible wrestling cake I could find for inspiration. I tried to incorporate features from several different cakes to make it my own and not a direct copy of someone else’s.

This cake was made with 3 10″ square pans at 2″ deep. I really wanted to use fondant but an experiment a few nights before using the black fondant didn’t work very well so I decided to go with regular icing and use the paper towel method of smoothing it out. I did use the Wilton black dye, took quite a bit, but the color came out pretty rich. The stars on the side were made with the Wilton candy melts and star mold.

The white mat on top was made with a homemade marshmallow white fondant and cut to size. I piped on black icing around the edges of it since the black icing did fade through a bit around the edges. The ring was made using dowel rods and a red roping I found at a fabric store.

The wrestling characters were bought at Walmart and luckily had small holes in the bottom of their feet, so I was able to use a skinny dowel rod and hot glue them into the feet to use for stakes. The stakes later released out easily with no damage to the wrestlers!

7 thoughts on “Coolest Wrestling Cake Design”

  1. thats really cool but i made all my cake edible! i used pretzels for the rods and red lickrish for the rope..it was really cool! and they ate it all!

  2. I am making a grooms cake for a DIE HARD WWF fan ..I was wondering what options you thought would be best for the ropes around the ring? I have been debating between.. fondant and gumpaste.. but I question the stability/ fragileness of it… I am not worried too much about edibleness but more of character/realism…Any ideas!?

  3. One person above mentioned she made her entire cake edible…I would have loved to have done that, but after looking at picture after picture I found that the vast majority of people that used edible roping had too much sagging for my taste, which is why I chose to use real rope instead, and since my customer was paying for it to look good and didn’t care if it was entirely edible or not, I chose to try to go for the tighter look. Plus I knew I would be traveling to deliver the cake and didn’t want to risk the movement causing the rope to sag anymore. I’m sure it’s possible to get it tight using a food lace, but with limited experience with it, I chose the safest route being it was my first cake I did for someone outside of my family.

  4. Hi angela! i absolutely love this wrestling cake! So does my soon-to-be 7 yr old who has put me up to the challenge of making it for his b-day next week! 2 questions:
    what is the paper towel method and what did you attach the stars with? Thanks so much!!!!!


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