Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

My mom and sister made this WWE Birthday Cake for me for my 16th birthday. I’m a HUGE WWE’er. I love it. I hope to be holding the real version of this someday.

They made a 9×13, a 9″ round, and an 8×8 square cakes. The 9″ round made the center of the belt. We just left that one round. The 8×8 square was cut into the butterfly shape on the belt and placed on top of the round piece. The 9×13 cake was cut in half and one half made the straps on the belt. The rest of the 9×13 was used on the side plates. They covered the cake in sweet icing and the detail was done with decorating gel.

Everyone at the party was blown away by how good they did on the cake.

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  1. I love WWE too, for my b-day I’m getting a wrestling cake too! Your cake is awesome! WHo ever did it did a great job!

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