Coolest WWE Birthday Cake

This WWE Wrestling Birthday Cake is my first time making figures and I was so nervous and made a lot of mistakes but that makes it unique I guess. But I made my own fondant for the cake but bought and colored fondant for the figures. I went on line and downloaded photos. I looked for action figures so the lines are easier to follow.

Its suppose to be John Cena and Jeff Hardy. It’s all edible except the ropes.

This was for my son’s 15th birthday. A few weeks back they were here in town at the civic center and he got to go to his first wrestling match so I wanted him to have a special cake.

11 thoughts on “Coolest WWE Birthday Cake”

  1. Your birthday cake you made for your sons 15th birthday is fantastic. I needed some inspiration as I would like to make one for my son’s 13th birthday which is next Sunday. So thank you for the thoughts it has given me.

  2. How long did it talk you to make it, because my brother’s b-day is March 3 and I was wondering how long it took to make it, like how many hours!

  3. I Think The cake is very good i like every thing about it if i make one i am going to put Jeff hardy holding the title thanks for the inspiration

  4. Thanks for your design. My grandbaby 8 birthday is in two weeks and your design will help me put his cake together.

  5. Great ideas for all of these cakes! Everyone makes it look so easy. Lucky for me BOTH of my kids are into WWE this year so this will make it a lot easier for me to plan a combined party. I found WWE party products on their website too.

  6. Did u pipe icing for the WW logo in the center of cake or use string type candy ? Im fixin to make one for my son this w-end & am awful @ piping & I am hoping I can use the candy ..

  7. I have made a similar cake but used Twizzlers pull and peel licorice for the ropes and black gumdrops for the turnbuckles.

  8. Hi, I’m hoping to make a cake like this for brother’s 11th birthday, but I’m not sure what cake recipe to use. I would like to make a chocolate cake, but need it to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the icing. I live in the UK, so I’m not able to get some of the cake mixes suggested online. I would prefer to make it from scratch. Please help!

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