Coolest WWE Cake

This was a cake I made for a customer. It was a double vanilla bean sponge. Made the vanilla cake and sandwiched it with a filling of fluffy white American frosting and smooth raspberry Jam.

Mixing with an electric beater to add lots of air, sifting all the dry ingredients to add in more air so the cake is light and fluffy and finally bake it on a low temp for a longer period of time.

This homemade WWE cake came out soft, moist, and really fluffy. It’s important that cakes are well mixed and lots of frosting is applied to protect the moisture in the cake.

10 thoughts on “Coolest WWE Cake”

  1. What did you use for the 4 posts and the ring around the ring? I am going to attempt to make my son’s 7th birthday cake. What would you suggest using that is quick and simple? I thought of maybe snickers bars and red string licorice for the ring? What are your feelings on this idea?

  2. I too am going to make this for my son’s birthday and I plan on using chocolate covered pretzel rods (the thicker ones) as the posts and red string licorice for the ropes. Good luck!

  3. I want to know how to decorate the cake…. I could care less about the cake and filling. What do you use to make it look like a wrestling ring??

  4. I am planning to do a similar cake for my sons 10th birthday next month. my plan is to use Pretzel rods dipped in chocolate. then use shoe string licorice as the rope. Then i am making cupcakes with the colors of various wrestlers my son likes (John cena Mostly) and use those to give me extra servings. may even place Mini Wrestlers on some of the cupcakes…

  5. I agree w/Angie. I know how to make a square cake… what exactly is being used for the decorations..? Please!! My son’s 7th birthday is in jus 3 days!! HELP Please?? :)

  6. Why don’t you use rice crispy treats. I am for my sons.You can for them as you need to and them you just dip in chocolate. Hope this helps….

  7. I am goin to make a WWE cake for my sons 9 birthday next week I am planing on useing the large /tootsie roll or even oreo cookie sticks for the posts and in side I’m goin to place candles on the posts for the fire effect of kane and the undertaker I’m super excited to start this cake

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