This WWE Wrestling birthday cake was made for a friend whose husband is totally into professional wrestling!

Like many of you, I don’t really like using fondant because it doesn’t taste great, but I did use some on this cake. The black is frosted with regular frosting, and the emblems are fondant. There’s plenty of frosting on the cake, so removing the fondant still leaves lots on the cake for those who won’t eat it. The cake itself was just a sheet cake, cut into the shape that I needed for the belt.

The fondant pieces were cut out, left to dry, and then painted with gold and silver pearl dust, mixed with a tiny bit of vodka. I also used red writing gel for the accents. The round things are the little round peppermint candies you can get in the wedding section, painted over with gold pearl dust.

I actually tried to implement a mechanism for the center of the belt to spin like the real spinner belt, but it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I removed it. I’d love to hear ideas for getting the spinner to work out.

The guy I made the cake for absolutely loved it!