Coolest Xbox Birthday Cake

This Xbox Birthday Cake is Devils food cake baked in 13×9 pans. Once cooled I placed both in the freezer then I took the box of ice cream out of the freezer (Cookies and Cream) and cut it into slices, box included, so that it would cut evenly instead of scooping and placed it in between the layers, smoothing out when it started to soften.

I then placed it back in the freezer for about an hour, took it out and carved it into the oblong shape of the xbox, then back into the freezer another hour, back out and iced it with white vanilla frosting, then back into the freezer. The accents of the xbox are made of fondant including impressions of the logo that I did with the back end of a paint brush, though instead of using just xbox I thought I would personalize it and I put Zaxbox instead (a play on Zach’s box) the impression of ventilation holes at the top and sides of the console were done using a Lego.

The controllers are made out of store bought pound cake. They were frozen then carved out for the shape then they were iced and covered in appropriate color fondant (we have one black and one white in our house which is why I chose those colors). Most of the details are made of fondant except for the colorful buttons which were M&M candies.

The advice I would give when attempting ice cream cakes and/or this cake is put on the M&M’s last minute because the colors bleed if they are cold too long, the condensation makes the colors run all over. Also be sure to run your knife under warm water as you carve out your shapes so the lines are clean. This cake was about trial and error but it was a lot of fun and really tasty!