Coolest XBOX Cake

I made this XBox cake for my, at the time, boyfriend. He really liked playing video games, and he’s favorite console was the XBOX 360 so I decided to bake this cake.

First, I baked 3 rectangular cakes.Then I overlaped 2 of them (which would later be the console), I added the frosting (which is regular white vanilla frosting with some colorant).

After that i took a new clean brush and used some frosting as “paint” and drew the two game controls on the third rectangular cake. I then used a sharp knife, and carefully cut them out. After that it was just frosting.

It’s really easy, you just have to visualize the console and the controllers, to kinda have the right proportion between them. And with the frosting colors I just began to experiment to get the right tones. I had my computer on the side to compare the colors. I would recommend you to do so, or have a picture or the real thing beside you, so you can get a more realistic picture.