Coolest Xbox Cake

I baked 2 square chocolate cakes and cut one in half. Joined one and half together and cut the other one into triangles and assembled them into the controller shape.

Then frosted them with chocolate buttercream to help it all stick together and covered them both in icing.

The Xbox cake itself was easy, I just carved the shapes (I even carved Xbox 360 into the disc tray), painted the disc tray silver and painted the edges of power button green.

For the controller I just molded the analog sticks by hand and carved the start and select buttons and painted the edges the make them stand out more. For the Xbox Guide button I made a small semisphere from icing and painted it silver then cut an x and painted green into the crack. The ABXY buttons are smarties.

I’m proud to say, my boyfriend was extremely happy about his birthday cake this year.

16 thoughts on “Coolest Xbox Cake”

  1. I am making this cake(which is wonderful) for my son’s party tonight, and I wondered how you made the main controller x-box button shiny. It is the middle button on the controller?

  2. Love the cake. My brother asked me to make a special cake for him and since he’s always on his xbox why not an xbox cake.

    I was wondering what type of icing you used on the different parts of the cake?

  3. Hi, this is exactly what I want to make for my boyfriends birthday. If you wouldn’t mind would you be able to send me the instructions via email?Live in England too and this is the only xbox cake I’ve found that someone from this Country has made. my email is thank you

  4. this may sound cheeky but i am soo bad at making cakes and cant find anyne around the spalding or peterborough that can make an xbox cake wthing my price range.
    i have around £50 to spend but his birthday isn’t until this september 2012 for his 21st…
    i could possibly pay more and even collect it.. would i be able to ask if you would be able to make one or even recomend anothe suitable cake maker

  5. This is absolutely amazing, and perfect for my boyfriend’s birthday! Would you be able to email me a recipe? I will happily pay you for it!


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