Coolest Yellow Fire Truck 3rd Birthday Cake

My son has a yellow toy fire truck so he wanted a yellow fire truck cake for his 3rd birthday. I used the information I saw on a Betty Crocker kitchen’s video at Howdini. But, I didn’t follow their instructions exactly. I used one huge loaf pan. I cut off part of it for the cabin, then I carved out a piece from the end to make that connecting area between the cabin and the bed of the truck.

I used the piece I carved out to sit on top to make the area for the windows which I turned into eyes. I really liked the way that turned out. I thought it had more of a face that way. My biggest regret about the piece was the sloppy work on the “chrome”. It was black instead of gray, and it was just laid down sloppily. (My son was bugging me, LOL!)

If I do it again someday, I will do it much neater and not color it too darkly. I used gum drops for the lights and I used a piece of red licorice for the smiling mouth. (I carved the ends a bit to make it smile.) Not perfect, but my son loved it.

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