I made this Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Cake for a little girl’s third birthday. It is a three tiered cake covered in homemade fondant. I make my own fondant out of marshmallows and powdered sugar. It is very simple, and it tastes much better than many store bought fondants.

The top tier is chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling, the second tier is banana cake with banana cream filling, and the third tier is a strawberry cake with strawberry cream filling. I made all of the characters using fondant with a little gumtex added. I sat down with a photo of each character, and recreated a close up of each of their faces. I placed each character around the second tier, so no matter how you look at the cake you will see one of the little guys from the show. I covered the top tier in “Foofa” flowers that matched the one on top of her head. I also used them to border the second tier.

The banner at the bottom is also made of fondant and I wrote the birthday message with edible ink markers. To go with the cake I also made fifty cookie pops with fondant and buttercream of each of the characters faces. They were placed in flower pots and used as center pieces for the party tables.