My son is absolutely obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba and Plex is his favorite character. I made this Yo Gabba Gabba cake for his 6th birthday.

I used one box each of the Pillsbury 50% less sugar cake mix of vanilla and devil’s food cake mix made into 9″ round pans. To make them lower fat I substituted apple sauce instead of oil in the mix. It does make them a little less moist. When I stacked the 4 layers I alternated them.

I used one tub of the Pillsbury 50% less sugar chocolate fudge frosting in between the cake layers and two tubs of the Pillsbury 50% less sugar vanilla frosting – one with yellow food coloring for the outer frosting and one for the eyes. I ended up with a ton of white frosting left. I had intended to use more of it but had another idea instead.

I also used one tube of Black cake decorating frosting for the face and writing on top and to paint the antennas.

For the accents:

antennas: cocoa crispies cereal straws painted with black frosting.

antenna ball: red tootsie pop sucker – it fit perfectly inside the cereal straw (I had been stumped for a while about what to use. I had this epiphany when I was at the store in the middle of the night while I was waiting for layers to cool and realized I needed frosting for between the cake layers).

The side antenna fittings and top cap are powdered doughnuts attached with toothpicks.