Coolest Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

My son is absolutely obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba and Plex is his favorite character. I made this Yo Gabba Gabba cake for his 6th birthday.

I used one box each of the Pillsbury 50% less sugar cake mix of vanilla and devil’s food cake mix made into 9″ round pans. To make them lower fat I substituted apple sauce instead of oil in the mix. It does make them a little less moist. When I stacked the 4 layers I alternated them.

I used one tub of the Pillsbury 50% less sugar chocolate fudge frosting in between the cake layers and two tubs of the Pillsbury 50% less sugar vanilla frosting – one with yellow food coloring for the outer frosting and one for the eyes. I ended up with a ton of white frosting left. I had intended to use more of it but had another idea instead.

I also used one tube of Black cake decorating frosting for the face and writing on top and to paint the antennas.

For the accents:

antennas: cocoa crispies cereal straws painted with black frosting.

antenna ball: red tootsie pop sucker – it fit perfectly inside the cereal straw (I had been stumped for a while about what to use. I had this epiphany when I was at the store in the middle of the night while I was waiting for layers to cool and realized I needed frosting for between the cake layers).

The side antenna fittings and top cap are powdered doughnuts attached with toothpicks.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Yo Gabba Gabba Cake”

  1. I love it!! My son would have been so happy with this cake for his 2nd birthday. Maybe next year if he’s still obsessed with Plex I’ll make this. Love the use of doughnuts!

  2. I’m tired and therefore confused. This cake used 2 boxes of cake mix? Each box making 2 9″ cakes? Then you stacked them is it was 4 cakes high?
    I guess it would be that high considering you have the doughnuts on the side.
    What else would you suggest for the antenna?

  3. I am SO gonna try to make this cake this weekend. I am all about healthier options too. Thanks for letting me know that the applesauce will still make it work.

  4. I made this cake for my son’s second birthday and he LOVED it! In fact, everyone loved it. It was so easy to make. I used vanilla and yellow cake mixes since I didn’t want a chocolate cake mess all over the place, so it still had a fun contrast in colors. I made 2 cakes since they were both very large. I think stacking 4 layers is a bit much and I wanted cutting the cake to be easy. So I made 1 Plex cake just like this one and then a second one with sprinkles and cake toppers. For the antenna’s, I used chocolate stick cookies that have a soft filling, so they stayed up easily, didn’t need to be covered with frosting, and had a soft center that I could put the lollipop in to. Thanks for the idea!!! Just don’t forget to take out the toothpicks before the kids attack the cake.

  5. I make a homemade red velvet cake for my family’s birthdays that is a 9″ round cake (2 layers), and I have been looking for a Gabba cake that would work with this, without tons of fondant (hate making it and hate the taste). This is perfect!! Great idea!!!

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