Coolest Yoda Birthday Cake

This Yoda birthday cake is the first cake I have ever made! I made this for my nephew’s 7th birthday party.

The body is made out of white cake. I baked the cake in a sheet pan. Let it cool, and then cut out the shape of Yoda. I had to use some of the scraps of cake to bulk up the area where his arms were. I covered the cake with buttercream frosting then MM fondant. I thought the fondant was fun to work with, but I still have a lot to learn on how to make it look less dry and more smooth. I suppose lots of practice will correct that.

I made Yoda’s cane by making a mold out of tin foil then filling it with melted milk chocolate, and setting it in the fridge to harden. I used MM fondant for the details in the face and eyes. My “beginner’s” mistake was I did not account for a large enough cake pan to put it in for the long ride to my nephew’s house. Result… I had to squish the ears and head to fit him in the pan. It did a some damage and made his neck look saggy, but at least all the kids still loved it.

May the force be with you!