Cool Homemade 3D Yoda Cake

My youngest turned four last September, and requested a Star Wars themed party, and…you guessed it – a ‘Yoda Cake’. As I am a male, and had been watching just enough “Ace of Cakes” recently to qualify as an expert in structural cake engineering, my natural response was to throw reason and restraint to the wind and set a course for building a life size Yoda cake. You heard me, “life-size”. Oh and did I mention that I decided it had to be 100% edible?

5 thoughts on “Cool Homemade 3D Yoda Cake”

  1. Very cool! You did a great job! I bet he loved this!

    I’m just curious tho, what did you use to support his ears since its all edible?

  2. My boys were big into the Star Wars phase “everything SW”, for a couple of years. When they decided to have a SW bday party I could not find anyone that could make a cake. I finally had a cake made an decorated, galaxy theme, but I added SW figures. I wish I could have found someone to make a cake like this for them. It is is one of the coolest cakes I have seen. Great Job!!


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