Coolest Zebra Giftbox Birthday Cake

I baked two round cakes for this Zebra Giftbox Birthday Cake. Frosted the top of one then laid the other on top and frosted the top and sides. I used plain white fondant and covered the cake.

Then I got some more fondant and dyed half black and half pink. I then rolled out my fondant and made the loops for my bows and let them dry. I rolled out the black fondant and then carved out the zebra stripes. I placed the zebra stripes all over the cake. Then went back to the pink and made some lil pink balls. Put them around the bottom of the cake and went back and put together my bow in the cake.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Zebra Giftbox Birthday Cake”

  1. This is exactly the theme for my friends sweet sixteen party. I am in charge of the cake so I’m hoping mine turns out like this one. Wish me luck so far my bow is not making the cut.

  2. I love this cake and have a sister in law who loves animal print and hot pink and black together. I am plan to use this idea for a cake for her daughter. You did a great job!

  3. I like this cake,looks easy and simple,but i know it’s not that easy to make,needs creative brain and lots of patients too.Good luck for your more cakes to come.

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