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Coolest Zebra Print Gift Box Cake

I made this Zebra Print Gift Box Cake for my sister’s 25th birthday. She wanted it to be girlie with zebra and pink. As my family and most people do not like the taste of fondant I always ice it with buttercream really smooth to look as if flat as fondant then add all fondant details-and its easy to just take off when ready to serve!

First I made all the fondant details 3 days ahead to make sure they were dried-especially because it was black on white! I made fondant bow loops-stood them upright to dry. I found a pattern for fondant high-heels and printed it out-I highly recommend this for the real look!(I tried before and shoe was horrible!) She loves Charlotte Russe so on the lining I wrote that with food marker! For the purse I just used a small rice crispy snack treat and molded fondant onto it! And for black zebra prints I just rolled fondant flat and made long curvy strips and layed flat but some I layed over edge of a can pan(upside down).

My sister wanted fun-fetti cake with vanilla pudding filling. So I baked cakes-one 12″ and 8″ for top. I put in freezer while I made pudding and let it sit in refridge.

While cake and pudding sitting I made my buttercream. Once that was made and pudding ready I put first 12″ layer then a ring of buttercream around edge then in middle of that I put pudding (so pudding would not maybe run out sides of cake-we live in Louisiana and in October little warm!) then put top layer on. I then iced it with white buttercream-using the old warm water trick and viva paper towels rubbed ontop to make smooth!

I then tinted the rest icing in hot pink. I did the same thing as bottom layer-layed the bottom 8″ cake not centered but offset to side where on one side of cake looks like one tall cake(this was to be able to fit all details ontop) I put ring of icing then pudding in middle of that then top layer. I then iced hot pink and did again the warm water and viva for smooth look! Then I just piped big dots of buttercream around both cakes for trim.

Now only a couple of hours before party did I put details on-as not to have the black run or bleed onto white! I first layed and placed all the black stripes how I wanted then placed shoe and purse ontop then last the big white bow ontop! And when ready to serve-just pop off details and ready to serve! Of course the kids loved the fondant-black mouths and all!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Where are u located I would love one of these cake but no pudding inside. Please call me if you wouldn’t mind thanks 816-617-8878


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