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Coolest Gary the Snail Cake for a Spongebob Party

My 5-year old son wanted a “Gary” cake this year so I set about creating this one using a simple Mary Berry sponge recipe (from her most recent book). Hers was in the shape of a bunny but it was easily adapted to a snail!

With the 2x 7″ cakes from the recipe, I made the shell. This was done by slicing off one side so that they could stand up on the flat edge and then sandwiching together with some butter cream icing. I used the remaining 8″ cake to make the body and head of the snail by cutting to shape and sticking together with butter cream where needed.

The whole body was iced with roll-out fondant icing in blue and the shell in the same icing but colored pink. The swirl and spots were cut by hand from the right colored icing. The pupils of the eyes and teeth was painted using black food coloring and a paintbrush.

The eyes were made with 2 small fairy cakes covered in icing and eye stalks with wooden kebab sticks rolled in icing. The eyes and stalks were slightly precarious and took a bit of balancing but help up for the big day even walking them down to the village hall for the party!

It took me around 2 hours to create Gary from the cooked cakes as I don’t do this very often but the look on my son’s face was worth it and all the kids at the party were really impressed (except they all wanted the eyes!!)