Coollest Jet Birthday Cake Design

I used one 13X18 sheet cake but you could use two 9X13 and set them side by side for this Homemade Jet Birthday Cake Design. The icing was colored with McCormick’s Black Food Coloring (found in the spices area at the store.) Remember it is a liquid color is it will thin the icing some. I iced the whole cake in the gray icing to make it look like the tarmac and taxi way. Then I build the control tower out of vanilla sugar wafer cookies and wooden skewers (the skewers are in the corners of the tower, the skewers had to be tapped in with a small hammer so that the cookie would not break. The secures also extend down past the bottom of the tower so that they would go into the cake to hold up the weight of the tower.) I put the birthday candles on the top of the tower as if they were the antenna.

The hangers for three of the jets are just soup cans cut in half (!!WARNING, these will be sharp enough to cut a finger so do not let the children touch!!). The Taxi way out lines were made with just white icing. The “H5” is the child’s first initial and his age. Along the side of the taxi way there are small blue taxi lights made from blue sprinkles and there are orange caution cones at the front of each hanger made orange sprinkles (if it were a runway it would be white lights, I thought blue would give it more color.) Then I wrote his name on the sides with the white icing because there wasn’t really enough room on the top for it and it just gave a little some thing extra. If you add the white icing to soon the gray will start to bleed through as mine did. I wouldn’t add it more than a day before the party.

Homemade Jet Birthday Cake Design

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