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Creative and Unique Diaper Cake Gift for Baby Shower

I received two diaper cakes for my oldest daughter and I really thought they were neat so I decided to start making them. This is the most recent one that I made for a co-worker’s shower this week. I used 100 size Newborn Pampers and a bottle to make the three tiers of the cake, attached scrapbook stickers and a glittery butterfly and flower with a hot glue gun, inserted acrylic pacifiers, rocking horses, and some necessary baby items, washcloths, comb and brush, and teething ring between the diapers and the blue polka dot ribbon, each tier of diapers was wrapped in.

Lastly, I used a baby blue curly ribbon as a topper. This is a really fun project that I enjoy doing in my spare time. Each one that I make is different because I like to create unique diaper cakes. That way no one can say, “I have that same diaper cake!”

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