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Cute Ducky Baby Shower Cake

I was asked to make my grandsons baby shower cake. I was a little hesitant to do it because I’ve never used fondent but i did it! I’ve made three more cakes and now making plans to make my moms 70th birthday cake. I’m so excited but its a month away so I have wait.

I got hooked on this one because everybody loved it and couldn’t believe I made it me either. It was so much fun and every time I make one I learn something new. The wood grain is my favorite. I started by googling how to do everything. 2-8in round cakes made the day before and the wood panels and towel soap bar. Frosted them with butter cream frosting (canned) works just fine. The frosting acts as glue. It was experimental and turned out.

Don’t be afraid to try the fondant, any questions just google, thats what I do and make my own ideas. I used edible writing pens(which I didn’t know existed wow) I used blue ribbon to hold the wood planks and it looked good so I left them. I used candy beads for bubbles and rubber ducks.

Cute Ducky Baby Shower Cake

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