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Cute Pink Tiger Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a tiger party at the beach for her 7th birthday. So I searched for pictures of ‘kiddy-tigers’. I enlarged a tiger-picture that was cut out to use a stencil to cut the sponge cake, that I baked.

I then covered the cake with butter icing so get a smooth finishing and then covered the tiger with bright plastic icing. I used thin pieces of blue plastic icing for the tiger’s stripes. I wet my finger with a tiny bit of water to ‘paste’ the stripes on the tiger’s body so that they don’t slip of. The same was done with the eyes.

I also found beautiful pictures of tigers running at the beach for the party-invitation. The invitation was placed into as plastic medicine bottle with a little bit of glitter, that served as a message in a bottle.

We had the most amazing weather. The kids swam and enjoyed it tremendously.