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Disney Cars 2nd Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 2nd b-day… He absolutely loved it!

I first started with just a boxed cake mix. Cooked it and let cooled. Once cooled I flipped it upside down onto a throw away cookie sheet.

While it’s cooling I then prepared all the other ingredients. I used whipped Vanilla icing and dyed some black and some green. I didn’t have a lot of black so the icing was a purplish gray color. I then dyed some coconut green (for the “grass”) and some sugar black (for the “asphalt”). This was a good idea for show purpose but when I tried the part of the cake with the black sugar it was bitter… so I wouldn’t use it again. I would probably do Oreo cookie crumbs

I first started with the #2. I printed one out from word and placed it on the cake. I traced it with toothpicks and put icing in it. Then put the black sugar or oreo cookie crumbsI then covered the whole cake with the green icing… sides too. Then sprinkled the black sugar.

I then covered the rest of the cake with the green icing…sides too. Then put the green coconut on. The cake size is only a 9×13 so the rest of the cookie sheet I just put the rest of the coconut.

The checkered flags I made myself and glued toothpicks and the sign I did on word in the Jokerman font.

The Lightning Mcqueen and Mater toy were off his cake that he had from the grocery store and Doc and Sheriff were his own. I place a piece of plastic wrap on the bottom of the toys so that they wouldn’t get to dirty with icing.

My son had the biggest smile when I started to walk towards him carrying the cake… it was priceless!!! It was hard work (being that this was my first cake ever to decorate) but with that reaction it was well worth it!