Disneys Mack Truck Cake

I made this Mack truck cake for my son’s 3rd birthday, he is Cars mad and desperately wanted a Mack Truck cake.

I baked 2 large chocolate rectangle cakes. The first cake I cut in half length ways and stacked to make the trailer. The second cake I cut in quarters, then one quarter cut in half again and stacked on top to make the cab. And with some left over cake I made Mack’s hat.

Once I had all the pieces together I frosted with chocolate butter cream icing then covered in red fondant. Once it was covered in fondant I transferred it to the cake board. I didn’t have a cake board large enough, so I covered a large wooden chopping board in black fondant, with a few white lines along the sides, and wrapped a black ribbon around the outside.

Then I had to add all the details and features. With his hat peak I had to use gum paste to make it a bit stronger and attach with a couple tooth picks so it didn’t flop down. Using a toy Mack truck as a reference I used  fondant to make the rest of decorations like wheels, front grill, lights, mirrors, eyes, mouth etc.

I wasn’t keen on trying to make the graphics along the side of Mack’s trailer by hand so instead I used printed out pictures from the internet and attached them with double sided tape to decorate the trailer, the doors and on his hat. I used an edible marker pen to write Mack’s name on the front, and I made a little checkered flag out of a toothpick to add onto the cake.

The cake was a massive hit with my son and his friends and was extremely hard to cut into after all the hours of work that went into making it.