Dispicable Me minion cake

This cake was fun to make and see the minion come to life. I used butter cream frosting, chocolate frosting,  chocolate cake mix, neon food coloring,  and a frosting bag with a smooth tip.   When I started I did not know what to start with so I made the white of the eye I then added yellow around the eye but I then stopped half way to save room for the overalls. I then added the overalls which was kind of tricky to keep them even.

I then finished of the yellow oval.  Then I got to the little details and for these I used the chocolate frosting I out lined the eye and added a mouth and pupil.  I then made the goggle bands.  I thought it would be easier to draw the background around the minion before I added the hair.  This cake was then brought to a picnic and was used with other cakes as a prize for a contest with children. It was then chosen by the first winner.  While it was on display it got comments from adults and children alike.  It was a very fun cake to make.