Diva Cake

I was recently asked to bake a birthday cake for an 18 year old girl. I was told she liked hot pink, shoes and was a girly-girl.  Since I’m  not into shoe fashion, nor am I a “girly-girl”, the challenge became designing a cake I thought such an 18 year old would like. So, I looked to a co-worker who knows this young lady, is into shoes and fashion, and she gave me some ideas.

I started putting some designs together in my head and this is what I came up with-a two-tier fondant covered zebra print, hot pink cake that highlights black stilettos and animal print handbags with a big hot pink bow!  The cake itself was white with custard filling iced with marshmallow butter cream.

It was a fun cake to make and a fun cake to eat. I was told that while the birthday girl loved it, her dad loved it more-at least the cake part.

Diva Cake

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