Cool DIY Dolphin Cake

I baked a 9×9 square cake for this dolphin cake. After letting it cool I stuck it in the freezer for about an hour. I used a dolphin stencil that I made and placed it on cake and cut around the shape (you have to do two because it is a double layered cake). I glued the tail piece to the body using icing. Then I decrumbed the cake by putting a thin layer of icing on the cake and then I put it back in the freezer for about an hour.

After taking it out of the freezer I finished putting the icing on it. I used a candy eye and a small piece of licorice string for the mouth. Then put it back in freezer again so it will be easier to transfer to the cake pan. In the cake pan I spread a layer of aqua blue colored icing and then added some fish sprinkles. After that I transferred the dolphin cake (be very careful) with a spatula and my hand onto the aqua icing layer and WALA!

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