Cupcake by Christipher P., McAllen, TX

These are Dora and Diego cupcakes that I made for my co-worker’s daughter’s party. The theme is apparent but she wanted both Dora and Diego (Dora for the girls and Diego for the boys).

The hair for both characters was made from regular chocolate that I melted and created on parchment paper (excuse the Diego hair, my mom was helping and she placed them in the fridge which, as we all know causes chocolate to discolor and become chalky. I tried my best to correct it but it just looks like he’s got highlights). *Tip if you use regular chocolate let them air dry and just store in an air tight container.* Using ivory red and yellow color paste I tinted butter cream icing for their skin tone and frosted the cupcakes. (Apparently Diego has a more tan skin tone where Dora has a peachier tone). I then placed some icing in a piping bag and attached the hair and with a dollop of icing and placed them on each cupcake.

I then just used white icing to make the eyes with a dot of black on them. Black squiggles for the nose and red lips and mouths completed the faces (24 Dora’s and 24 Diego’s were made). For the remaining four cupcakes I had planned on using the top of each stand to display "Happy Birthday Karyme" which I had hand piped with white chocolate and one for the number three candle. I wasn’t able to attend the party as planned but from what I heard everyone love the cupcakes and the creativity that went into them which is what I planned!

Cupcake by Kim M., Trenton, Ontario

Dora Cake Photo - Swiper the Fox

I loved making these Dora cupcakes.