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Dr. Doofenschmirtz (From Phineas and Ferb) Chocolate 3-Layer Cake

I created this evil confection for my husband’s birthday. He is an animator/illustrator that works on Disney’s newest webseries Doof’s Daily Dirt. (Check it out on YouTube!) Dr. Doof, the evil scientist,  is made entirely out of rolled fondant. I resized an image my husband sent me and printed it. Then, I traced the outlines on waxed paper. Next, as I rolled out each color of tinted fondant. I layed the tracing on it and used the point of one of my fondant tools to trace the outline of the element I needed. This made a light indentation in the fondant and I made the cut clean with an exact-o knife. I pieced all of the parts together on a purple-gray field of fondant.

The cake is a delicious from-scratch chocolate recipe that I love and I added a smidge of cinnamon to enhance the chocolate flavor even more. The frosting was my first attempt at a cooked frosting and I think it turned out light and smooth, not as heavy as the butter creams I usually use for my cupcake projects. I schmeared the frosting between each layer and coated the top and sides. Then, I placed Doof on top and piped the borders. Triangles are a background theme in the Phineas and Ferb cartoon series, so I used them in a lighter contrast piped around the sides of the cake.

My husband is in love with it …and me!! He said he can’t imagine cutting into it.  Characters are a fondant challenge and it feels good to have tackled this evil genius for my own evil genius! Happy Birthday, Babe.