Coolest Dragonball Z Cake

I made this Dragonball Z cake for my nephew’s 9th birthday. He was really into Dragonball Z, so I found a Dragonball Z picture on the internet of his favorite character (Vegeta).

For the cake I used Funfetti cake mix. It took about 9 boxes of the mix to make this cake. I baked about four or five 16×16 square cakes (that was the largest cake pan I had, if you don’t have one that size, a smaller pan will work).

I started with the face, cut out an oval shape the size I wanted, and placed it on the board. Next came the chest and neck. For the chest I used a 9×12 cake and for the neck I just cut a piece of cake to fit in between. Then I placed the “face” on top of the “neck”, cut out the shape of it onto the neck, and removed those pieces so they would fit together.

The ears were done with scrap pieces. I just went wild with the hair. I cut one big strip for the center then added lots of long little pieces around the edges. The frosting was just your typical butter cream frosting dyed to match. I used the star pattern for the 1st light color of yellow on the hair. For the second darker layer I used the same tip but made it streaky, then I added the black outlines.

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