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Drop Dead Cat Cake

This drop dead cat cake is a  funny cake chosen by my granddaughter for her 16th birthday. First I made my favorite butter cake recipe and cooked it in a  10 inch round tin. Slightly needed to cut the top to flatten then covered with butter icing and then blue fondant.

Then it was time to make the brains. I took red fondant and rolled into thin sausages and then placed on the cake in a wiggly fashion  and squished together then made the eyes with circles of white fondant and black strips, criss crossing, then the mouth and tongue. Next the collar and a jagged piece across the front of the brains and small jagged pieces on the face above the eyes and little dots under the eyes for tears. I decorate at night sometimes in the wee hours as it’s cooler here in Australia and I love the quiet, it helps me to be creative.

It was a fun cake to make although I was a  little lost as what it represented until my granddaughter explained  it was from a game called Drop Dead Kitty.