We planned a last minute birthday party for my step son. He loves Angry Birds! So it was the perfect theme. I am a very creative person or at least I like to think I am, lol. I looked online for ideas and help to get me started on this easy Angry Birds birthday cake! Everywhere I looked it was fondant…fondant…fondant!

Firstly, I’ve never dealt with fondant. Secondly, with a short amount of time I didn’t have time to experiment. So I went out and bought the game and that’s what I used! I did use some chocolate covered wafers for the logs and I used marshmallow for the ice cubes. Just sprinkled gray sugar on them. My base is a little bigger than a 9×13. I used two cake boxes and for the top part where the pigs are I used a brownie box.

I colored my frosting with gel food coloring (leaf) from Michael’s. Everyone said how awesome it was!! My step son loved it! He got to demolish it at the end. His favorite part! I’m sorry if I forgot to mention some things.

And a side note, this cake will be very hard to transport. I don’t recommend it. It needs to be decorated where the event is gonna take place.