Easy Coral Snake Cake

My husband used this website to find  Father/Son Bake-Off  cake decorating ideas for our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet ( the theme was “The Outdoors”) and the process was pretty darn easy. I started off by making two bundt cakes a day ahead, wrapped them in plastic and placed them in the fridge. The next morning I cut the cakes in half and assembled all of the halves together to get the snake.

They followed the suggestions of using 2 bundt cakes and sculpted the head with bits of cake that we shaved off of the tail. They made a batch of butter cream frosting which they tinted red, black and yellow (liquid food coloring) . I used a fruit-by-the-foot for the tongue and a couple of chocolate chips for the eyes. It was time consuming but not hard at all. I didn’t have a #21 star tip to pipe the frosting and so we used another number #27 I think which was way too small and was taking too much time so I switched to a different kind of tip that was larger and allowed more icing to flow.

The boys were required to do all the cooking AND clean-up without any help from mom. They did a beautiful job and the kitchen was clean!!