Easy Dino Birthday Cake

I made this easy Dino birthday cake from scratch for my Godson’s 4th birthday after looking through countless (and unhelpful) images on the internet. Such an easy cake to create.

I used 2 simple butter-cake pkt cake mixes, and made 2 round cakes. I cut one of the round cakes in half, and sandwiched them together using butter cream (tinted green) icing. I then cut the other round cake to create the head, neck, legs and tail (sandwiching together using the butter cream icing).

I used royal icing for the eyes, and tiny white marshmallows for the nostrils. I used orange fruit (musk) sticks for the spikes, and tiny black chocolate rocks for his mouth.

My Godson was rapt, as were all of our guests!!. An extremely easy cake to construct, and the one icing color made it even better to decorate! The cake was a great size (filling the largest cake board that I could purchase from spotlight at the time!).