Easy Pirate Cake

I decided to make a Pirate birthday cake for my sons 9th Birthday.  I just used 2 round pans and baked my normal white cake and planned on a light Bavarian creme filling and buttercream frosting.

I used the birthday party invite to make the decorating a little easier for me. I was ready to surprise my son since he has never really seen my cool cakes and well informed my mother he wanted a cake from a bakery,  you know a professional one grandma he said.  So when he say his pirate cake he couldn’t believe that I actually made it. He was excited and told all his friends look what my mom made for me isn’t this really cool. His friends all started asking me if this was true if I actually made this cake for him. I explained yes i sure did. When it was time to cut the cake it was kinda hard cause as usual all your hard work is now being destroyed. We sang Happy Birthday and then started to cut the cake thats when all the kids started to argue about what piece they wanted etc. etc. it was actually cute and made me feel good that they all loved it as much as I did. My son was still in shock that I made him this cake and that it was not bought at the bakery down the street. I say encourage yourself and others to let your imagination flow when making a cake its always easy to just scrap the frosting off if its not looking the way you want it to and start over again maybe a little slower then last time. If you have trouble and your cake happens to split patch it back together and no one will ever know! Happy Baking to ALL!