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Easy Spiderman Birthday Cake

I made this easy Spiderman birthday cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and it was a hit, especially with the boys!

The cake is a standard 2 layer cake. NOTE: use Wilton “no-taste” red. I had never used red before and got Christmas red, and the frosting was very bitter. You won’t get as deep a red with no-taste (see my pin cushion cake for color), but it will be much tastier. Red food gel really stains, so use a plastic tablecloth and roll up kids’ sleeves before serving.

I had trouble making Spiderman’s face, so I decided to draw it on a piece of parchment paper first to get it the way I wanted (better yet, have someone do it for you!). I then turned the parchment over and traced the outline in black sparkle gel on the other side of the parchment, and flipped it over onto the cake. It worked well and saved time and errors. I piped in the white eyes and finished it off with some Spiderman candies I got at a local baking supply store. Easy to make and fun for the kids.

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