For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I had bought a teddy bear pan and a 3D mini-bear pan from eBay and this was my plan. I wanted something original so I looked on this site for some ideas. When I realized that a bear wasn’t my only option with this pan, I was really pleased and I settled on the elephant.

I made 2 boxes of Duncan Hines chocolate cake and divided it into my 3d bear, my bear and my ball pan also. I followed the cooking instructions of each pans. then I took some Pillsbury cookie dough and made a big pizza cookie. once it was done(I over cooked it just a bit so that it would hold better), I cut out of it 2 big ears and 2 small and also a big and a small trunk. My kids had a blast eating the leftover cookies and that kept them busy while I was decorating the rest.

I used one of the ball half as the balloon and cut out a hat out of the other half.

I glued the ears and the trunks with icing and started piping the details according to the pan instructions. I filled them in and smoothed it out with a knife diped in hot water. That technique works great. I filled everything else with a star tip. At this point I should have put the frosting in the fridge in advance because the stars didn’t come out great, but over all, I really like the way the cakes turned out.

Elephant Cake