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Everyone’s in Bed Anniversary Cake

I’m a mother of three. When I thought of making a cake for our anniversary so many funny memories came into my mind. But most of all I hate when there’s cricket matches starts at 3. 00 o’clock in the morning but my husband keeps the alarm and wakes up at that time but never hears the alarm when he has to go to work.

Any way my 10year old son and my and the youngest daughter who is 2years wakes up and starts to watch the match with the father. So that’s what i made as our anniversary cake. Three of them were watching T.V. while me and my 7 years old daughter was sleeping.

When I started to make the cake I kept this as a secret for days. So I made the t.v., the alarm clock and the night lamp and put it in a box and hide. Like wise I did it little by little. Cos I’m so busy with all my kids home work and cooking and cleaning you know the  endless work.

I made the T.V., lamp, side cupboards out of stira-foam and then covered with fondant. The bed was the cake. All my family and friends loved the cake. It made everyone happy and put a smile on there faces. Especially my husband. He loved it. In fact what I think it is that you don’t have to make a big cake to make them impressive and to show them how much you love them a simple thought and lot of detailing would do the work. I hope you will all love it too.

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