Extra Large Beer Mug Cake

I made this beer mug cake as a surprise for my son’s birthday.

Beer Mug Cake Instructions

  • I started by making three 6″ round cakes.
  • I iced between each layer and then I wrapped them in dark yellow fondant.
  • I cut two strips of white fondant. I made the bottom one even, and for the top one I made the strip and then pulled little points down to make it look uneven.
  • I made the handle out of gum paste and let it dry and then stuck it in the side of the cake.
  • I cut down into the cake about 1/2 inch and then piped icing to make it look bubbly. I also sprinkled it with white sugar sprinkles.

My son called me to tell me he would be a little late getting home. He had to go with his best friend to get some things for a gathering at his house for his birthday. It was his best friend and they had grown up together and I thought that since he had ordered cakes from me before I would surprise them all and at the last minute I made this cake.

I even went a step further. I did not have a cake box so I cut down a box lid to a square and since the sides were 3 inches high I decided to make a cover. I printed 5 pictures of the budweiser carton and taped them together. Then I cut the hand holes in the top. This slid down over top of the box lid perfectly. I sat it on the table and he thought it was a real case of bee. They were all so surprised when they opened it and it was A BIG MUG OF BEER!

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