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Fabulous Monster High Frankie Stein Birthday Cake

Monster High dolls happen to be my favorite dolls out there. More than anything I think it’s because it is hard to pull an ugly cake when you include one of these dolls bit I made a fabulous Monster High Frankie Stein birthday cake. I started with a marble cake which I layered with a delicious  airy chocolate mousse. The cake itself took very long to cook since I used a bundt pan, I would say it took close to an hour.

While the cake was cooling I began working on her vest and shirt. I made black and teal fondant which I then cut and shaped to fit the doll snuggly. I wrapped her from the waist down with plastic wrap so that she wouldn’t get dirty. When the cake was completely cooled, I covered it with black fondant. After the cake was covered I began placing sugar sheets to give it the zebra print accents. I then insert the doll into the cake and sprinkled disco dust all over to make her shine.

Overall I was ecstatic with the end result and so was the little girl whose birthday it was for!

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