Fantastic Spider Man Cake

Needless to say this was a big hit at my grandson’s birthday. The colors and the size made a big hit and the taste of chocolate and French Vanilla cake was an all time favorite!  The icing was made of butter cream and colors from Wilton gel.  The cake size (12x18x2). I am a cosmetologist and I was able to purchase a wig head from the supply house, I re-worked the head by filing off the ears and closing the eyes with masking tape and filing them as well.

From the shoulders down was cake, the only challenge for me was getting the colors, to match with the shoulders in which with a lot of color changes came as close as could be. I placed the head in the center of the cake and proceeded to build the cake from a med round cake I cut into 4ths so I could construct the shoulders. The party was a big success, with swimming, games, and water play, and Spider Man was the big talk of the party.

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