Our Featured Cake Maker, Heather from Napier, New Zealand, won our $50 Cake of the Month prize for her awesome “Chainsaw Forestry Birthday Cake”.

Heather’s cake was selected thanks to her awesome execution and concept (of baking something and then “destroying” it), her great process photos, and especially Heather’s detailed story of how she created the cake, revealing even more “tiers” hidden behind the pictures. (We can’t stress enough how important the writeups are when judging our online cake contests. Our judges never really get to see the cake, but only look at pictures and read the cake-maker’s story.)

Heather, who proclaims that she’s “not a professional cake maker (at all!!)”, has shared with us quite a few of her impressive cake creations. You can see them all on her Personal Author Page….

Cake-making is just one of her hobbies (along with all knitting, scrapbooking, drawing, sewing… neuro-science and astronomy). So if you happen to live anywhere near Napier, on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, and you need a birthday cake (or advice on neuro-scientific approaches to quelling ones nerves when a cake flops ;-), reach out to Heather. You can leave her a comment below (and also congratulate her on being our Cake-Maker of the Month).

“People have said I should start a business but I have no training and am self taught (through books, Youtube and my Mum’s advice),” says Heather. “I would like to one day do a course and learn how to make the decorating quicker, however I wonder about how much money I could make for the stress involved in having to have a perfect result for people paying you for a cake. So I make cakes for family and friends for now. My daughter loves playing ‘Cake Shop’ and aspires to own a cake shop one day – so perhaps we’ll do that together at some point.”

The infatuation with cake making was passed on to Heather from her “Mum”, who one day suggested baking her a Christmas cake and decorating together. “I became addicted,” says Heather.  “I started looking at professional cakes online and realised quickly how creative and amazing cake decorating could be.” Heather went on to make her daughter’s first cake, this caterpillar cake.

Heather’s husband thinks she’s nuts when she makes cakes, “I get quite dramatic (ie, stressed)!!,” she admits. “I’ve had a LOT of trials and tribulations with my cake decorating and most years after my daughter’s birthday, I swear I’ll never do another elaborate cake like that again! But I always do and I do find I’m becoming faster as I learn more and get more tools. I always think something will be quick and it takes twice as long, lots of swearing (oops) and sometimes even tears! But as time goes by I gain more experience. I really enjoy the results of cake decorating and especially how much people appreciate my cakes.”

Heather admits that she can’t wait for the next birthday, “and secretly I would like to try my hand at a wedding cake!”

Thanks again, Heather, for sharing your cakes and your cake-making stories with our community of enthusiastic cake makers.


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