Fifty Shades of Pink Barbie Cake

My daughter  wanted a Barbie cake for her 6th Birthday this year.  I had never done a Barbie cake before, so I got my Google on and settled on some sorta ruffles and pink. My Husband was all ideas of shades of pink although I had settled on just the one pink in my mind.

On the first attempt, the heating core which I thought was a great idea to try for the very first time, sunk to the bottom. Or, I guess the top of the Dolly Varden tin *golf clap* though it did bake more evenly and faster than the second  attempt without it. Note: don’t use heating core in Dolly Varden tins LOL.

By 11pm when I eventually got to icing the cake I thought, well I guess one shade is kind of boring so mixed up different pinks  (which you probably  can’t  see too well in the pic). All in all I consider it a success especially as it turns out Barbie is Way WAY taller than Dolly Varden and I needed 1.5 inches of the base of my first cake with the heat core firmly stuck in the top so that I could prop up the 2nd just so I could fit ‘ol Barbs and her long legs in.

Anyway, so the cake was a very moist and runny mud cake recipe covered in a chocolate truffle which I kept repeatedly stuffing up in the night. I threw out tow batches and the batch I used still separated on me that night. I have made it before and never has it done this! But I ended up blotting off excess fat/oil whatever it was that kept leaking with paper towels cut in strips, which at the same time smoothed the icing all out ready for the top layer of marshmallow fondant.

The Marshmallow fondant I made turned out softer than usual just because I don’t follow a recipe. I usually just buy texture and I guess because I made so much of it my KitchenAid was about to explode and I didn’t want to push her further. I’ll need to add much more sugar when I make my Elsa cake next. You can see that the ruffles are not very defined because the Marshmallow fondant is too soft. I made a tiny cutter from an aluminum can to mark the bodice with little sequin patterns and then dusted with pearl dust.

Fifty Shades of Pink Barbie Cake