Coolest DIY Firefighter Cake Ideas

This firefighter cake is made two layers to form the helmet. The bottom layer is an 8″ round, and the top layer is made from baking the cake mix in a round Pyrex casserole dish. Then after baking the cake I rolled four long skinny rolls out of fondant and laid them over the cake, front to back, side to side, and then in between them. That gives the look of a real fire helmet. The base of the helmet is just cardboard covered with black fondant. You can use cake for the base if you want, I just didn’t need that much cake.

For the front of the helmet, I just used a real picture of a fire helmet to shape the shield. I then laid it in front of the helmet. I made a yellow spacer to go between the shield and the helmet for looks, and it also gave it extra support.

Firefighter Cake Photo

I used yellow fondant to make the little squares on the sides of the cake, and to finish it off, I just put two little yellow dots on the front of the cake on each side of the shield to look like the little metal ones on a real fire helmet.

Another Cool Firefighter Cake

by Tobie F., Davis, CA

Firefighter Cake Photo

We had our son’s birthday at a fire station and I decided I wanted something different. I decided to make a building on fire instead. The cake is a four-layer cake with butter cream icing (the size depends on the number of guests).

I used colored fondant for the walls, door, windows and fire and sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on the roof. The fire hydrant is made out of fondant and the fire fighter figurine and the fire engine are toys. I used a craft brick texture template on the fondant to make the brickwork and used spray food coloring in red and black to add more texture to the brick.

I used a toothpick to pull the orange flames away from the windows and give it a more realistic look.

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