Firetruck Cake

This Fire Truck Cake took FOREVER!!!

For the truck… I made my own marshmallow fondant frosting and used the fondant for the white cab, the black windows, and all the black and gray accents you see – even the hose. The red is a butter cream frosting, I used an entire jar of Wilton’s no-taste color and it turned out great tasting with no ‘coloring’ taste you usually get when using this much color.

I made the ladder 5 days in advance – rolled out fondant and used a paring knife to cut the detailing. I made it as three pieces, two sides and the bottom, then attached them with water and propped them together to make them stick.

The lights on top of the truck are jolly ranchers. Everything in/on the cake is edible.

The house is a box that I frosted the birthday girl asked for a purple house, so I made purple buttercream, used black fondant for the roof, white fondant for the windows, and then got the airheads strips and cut them into color strips (they are rainbow in the package) for the trim and door.

The ‘fire’ coming out of the house is melted life savers and jolly ranchers – just put them in the oven and then broke them after cooling.

The picture of the birthday girl holding the fire hose to put out the fames is not edible – just a normal picture, was in too much of a hurry to decorate a cookie with her on it.

I would say it was 14 hours total – not as detailed as I wanted, but the kids loved it and the parents did too!

Fire Truck Cake

Fire Truck Cake

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