Fish in Ocean Cake

I got the idea for this cake from a Creative Cooks cookbook. It was called “Deep Sea Cake.” I made two 9 x 13 cakes. I trimmed the edges and tops so they were even and exactly the same size and perfectly straight.

I used about 4 tubs of Betty Crocker prepared Vanilla frosting. I tinted one tub green and two very blue. I filled the cakes with green frosting (keeping some reserved) and frosted the sides and top with the very blue frosting. I let that set for about 20 minutes.

I took the last of the green icing and piped the seaweed on to the sides of the cake using a writing tip (#2).

With the last tub, I tinted half of it a slightly toned down blue and spread it very messily on the top of the cake. I used the other half of the tin (still white) to make ‘white caps’ on the waves on top of the cake. To do that, I put the white over the messy blue and swirled it with a knife, making it curl up like waves.

To make the fish, I smushed up Starburst candies- one for the body and one for the fins. I think you can also use marzipan, it might be easier as the starbursts get very sticky and constant handwashing is a must.

I used decorate icing to finish them. The fish on the top of the cake really wanted to fall over and I had to hold them up with toothpicks. I also had to “paste” the fish onto the sides of the cake by spreading frosting on the backs of the fish.