Fishing Cake

My boyfriend’s favorite summer activity is fishing. I resembled the pond where he fishes at. I made two cakes to make it one big cake.

The first cake was made with a large round pan and the other was made with a regular 9×13. This cake is the parking lot using the icing to make it look like a boat launch.The pond was made with Berryblue Jell-O using the jiggles recipe and I bought all ofthe effect (trees, fences and truck with boat). The gravel was bought as well and it is actually chocolate inside. My green icing didnt come out as dark as I wanted so i used green crystal sugars to give the grass effect and tan coloroed sugar crystals for the sand or gravel effect in the parking lot.

Over all this was one his favorite birthday cakes I made for him so far. I go this Jello water idea from this web site. Hopefully viewers will enjoy the looks of this cake like my friends and family did.

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