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Cool Homemade Frog Cake

The frog cake is a lemon Madeira cake using a six egg recipe. The head is a 0.5 liter Pyrex bowl, the body is a 2 liter Pyrex bowl – half fill the 0.5 liter bowl before filling the 2 liter bowl with cake mix. Bake at 160 – 1 hour for the head and 1.5 hours for the body.

Make up butter cream using 125g butter and 375g sugar and 2tablespoons of lemon juice.

Split the body in half and spread with buttercream, place the head on the body and spread the entire cake with butter cream.

Using 1.5 kg of green fondant icing.

Use 45g to pad the face – to raise the eyes and mouth. Save 175g of icing to make the arms, eye lids and feet.

Roll out the rest of the icing to a large circle and lift over the frogs head, then mold around his head and body.

Shape the arms, and feet and attach using egg white. Shape the nose and mouth with a knife and paintbrush handle. Use small amounts or black and yellow icing to make the eyes and stick them on using egg white.

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